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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Bunny & Justin's Engagement Portraits

Once in a great while you come across a couple that is so unique, both in personality and style, that it refreshes us as photographers creatively by challenging us to capture their personalities in an equally unique way. Lindsay (aka Bunny) and Justin make up that kind of couple. And we have really enjoyed getting to know them and facing that challenge head on!

They are very much kindred spirits that both appreciate the 50's, a mix of country, folk and alt-rock music, zombie movies and the fine art of professional wrestling. Because of their love for the 50's and uniqueness in general we found a spot for their engagement portraits that suited them perfectly. Its an old gas station (from the 1930's) that has been totally and lovingly renovated into a 50's diner/gas station/nostalgic meeting place for cruise-ins.

Bunny's Converse shoes are just a taste of what they (and their bridal party) wore for their wedding. If you think these are awesome, just wait till we post some of their fashionable footwear shots from the big day!

We thought what would a 50's diner-themed shoot be without a little milk shake sharin'! Luckily we guessed Bunny's favorite ice cream, cookies & cream.

"The Beard" as Justin is lovingly referred to by friends, couldn't help but get a little messy. He should do the next "Got Milk" ad and represent the bearded folk!

Check out Betty Boop checking out the smooch-fest. What a little voyeur! But then again, I guess that would make us voyeur's in a sense. ;)

Bunny makes the most interesting faces sometimes. Apparently this is her "butt squeezin face".

What an awesome jukebox and racing-themed album cover collection.

Bunny & Justin,

Well, we would say that we can't wait for your wedding but it's already happened. Now we just wish we could live the fun all over again! I guess we can settle for the excitement of showing you your album and images soon. ;) Congratulations again guys on an awesome wedding and have a blast in Nashville.

Curtis & Emily
Kismet Photography


Justin B. said...

Thanks! You guys are amazing! We're in Nashville right now and having a blast. I can't wait to see the book and the rest of the wedding photos. Based on what you posted on the sneak peek on Facebook, I know they're gonna be incredible.

Josh Jones said...

I just love these photos! You guys did some really awesome and unique work!

Keep up the awesome work!