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Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Shari & Joe's Wedding

This past weekend we celebrated (and photographed) Shari and Joe's fabulous rehearsal and wedding. Friday night they had their rehearsal at the very cool Brick Street Cafe, complete with Love Muffins for their guests to take home. Then Saturday we were back at The Orchard at Broadmoor for their wedding.

First off, we finally get to show some of Shari's awesome bridals we've been hiding.

Here's Joe fulfilling his soon-to-be husbandly duties by picking up
the flowers. Joe is one of those grooms that did a lot to help plan
this wedding. We were impressed with his drive to make this a
well thought out and memorable event. Go Joe!

We think Shari looks so gorgeous in this shot,
the hair stylist could have stopped here.

The two dads having a little fun with Joe before the ceremony.

Shari looking like the diva she is while her girls primp and prepare her.

We love outdoor weddings, not only for the natural beauty
and light but because we have the freedom to move around,
albeit quietly and off to the sides.

A sneak shot of Shari's dad getting a
little emotional during the ceremony.

Just look at Shari's blingin' rings which
Joe designed himself. Go Joe!

Joe jumped the gun and carried Shari over
the grassy hill instead of the threshold.

The groomsmen were a fun and inventive group to say the least.
Each one of them handed Joe one of these golf balls as they
entered the ceremony. Put them together and they say:
"If only you could keep your own".
We'll just let everyone guess at the meaning. ;)

A tender moment during the blessing.

A beautiful ending to their first dance.

When the party was over and after a quick outfit change,
Shari and Joe were off to their honeymoon. But not
before we got something a little more romantic.
Grrrr Baby!

Very Grrrr!

Shari & Joe,

We've had such an awesome time getting to know you and capturing everything from your engagement to the wedding day. You're a wonderful couple and we hope you have a fun and relaxing time as you cruise around the Caribbean. We look forward to seeing you when you get back and hearing all about your fun in the sun.

Curtis & Emily
Kismet Photography

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