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Thursday, June 28, 2007

Heather & Matthew's Wedding

For the second part of our wedding double-feature weekend we had the pleasure of photographing Heather and Matthew's wedding in Weaverville, NC. An interesting little tidbit: Matthew and his family are actually descendants of the original Weaver's that founded Weaverville. And to keep the historical theme going, they were married in a historic church with some of the most beautiful stained glass we've ever seen. Tour buses actually stop by the church to look at it its so beautiful and historic.

One of Heather's bridesmaids brought a book of poetry
to the salon. It was a nice gesture and just so happened
to make a cool backdrop for a ring shot.

The handsome groom, Matthew, sitting in front of
the "Weaver window". This particular stained glass
actually bears the names of Matthew's ancestors.

Matthew's family having a bit of fun decorating the getaway
car with t.p. and shaving cream. How thoughtful of them.

A family heirloom bible made a beautiful ring pillow.

Heather and her girls having a prayer circle before the ceremony.

The groom's cake not only looked good but it was delicious.
A chocolate lover's dream and more than enough sugar to
get us through the rest of the night!

Their band Current Invention did a great job of keeping
people on the dance floor. Daniel, the band leader, even
broke out the banjo when "Rocky Top" was requested.

Proof that the cake was packed with sugary goodness.

Heather's dad was quite the dancer and kept her
dress and hair twirling through several dances.

Matthew's parents enjoying a slow dance.

Curtis & Emily
Kismet Photography

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