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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Amber & Justin's Wedding

Amber and Justin tied the knot at The Orchard at Broadmoor in Fletcher, NC this past weekend. Thankfully, the light rain in the morning didn't affect their beautiful outdoor wedding. Instead the cloudy skies gave us great soft light to work with.

The day started out with a rousing game of golf with Justin and a few of his guys.

Just when you think you're a safe distance away, Justin
pops one right in my direction! You can even see the
ball flying right by his face in this shot. The camera
must have been keeping him from his "A Game".

As a testament to the fact that a wedding is for both
the bride AND groom, Justin and his guys sported
swanky camouflage vests. We just love it when
couples add their own personal touches.

As this unfortunate groomsman found out, make
sure someone experienced puts on your boutonniere.
Or at least someone you can trust with a needle!

Amber's wedding ring is truly one of a kind since
it was made from all of her scrap gold. What a cool
way to recycle.

We were eating up the beautiful window light in
the foyer. Not to mention Amber is a gorgeous
bride no matter what light she is in.

What a cute moment with Amber and her dad
right before they walked down the aisle.

The newlyweds frolicking on the beautiful
grounds at Broadmoor.

As a special touch, Amber and Justin shared a dance
with their brother and sister. What a sweet idea.

There's just something about a mountain
of cupcakes that calls to us!

Amber and Justin were referred by another one of our couples and we are so glad because we've had a great time with them. From their ultra-cool, super-secret engagement portrait location, spectacular home-on-a-mountain bridal shoot to their fun and personal wedding day, it's been "very nice". (To quote "Borat") We even have the same taste in movies!

We hope you guys have an enjoyable and relaxing honeymoon in our old stomping grounds of sunny Florida, U.S.andA! ("Borat" again)

Emily & Curtis Snyder
Kismet Photography

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