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Monday, March 05, 2007

Anna & Chris' Wedding

Saturday we had a blast at Anna and Chris' wedding. Both the ceremony and reception were held at the beautiful Grove Park Inn in Asheville, NC. Have we mentioned how much we love Asheville? Between the surrounding mountains and historic and unique venues, it's a photographer's paradise. The nice thing about the Grove Park is they can do everything from the food to flowers and cakes. The girls all got their hair done at Asheville Oasis which was just a stone throw from the Grove Park.

Anna was breathtaking by the window light.
Not to mention her beautiful eyes.
Doesn't she look like a 1950's Hollywood actress?

The excitement builds as the veil goes on.

We're trying to capture the rings in more unique and interesting ways. For this one, there was dappled light coming through the trees onto a table and it just made a neat spotlight for the rings. If you look closely you can even see a little rainbow sparkle on Anna's bling.

Anna's sister helping her with a "wardrobe malfunction" :)

We were loving the emotions during Anna and Chris' "first look" before the ceremony. And so was the videographer.

The completely adorable flower girl and
ring bearer stole the show as usual.

We just love it when people "go vertical" with their
point and shoot cameras.

Free Photography Tip: Don't be afraid to rotate your camera to get a better crop or angle. Especially when shooting two or three people standing together, "go vertical" and get tighter so you don't have tons of empty space on the sides.

They look so happy together!

The setting sun makes for such amazing light
and her veil caught the breeze just right.

Did we mention how much we love sunset pictures?

Now this is how you end a "First Dance"!

The emotions were high between Anna and her twin sister
as their proud papa looks on.

Chris' mom was all smiles during the mother-son dance.
It's moments like these that make what we do so meaningful.
We love our "jobs".

Jumping Jukebox did a great job of keeping
the dance floor ...well, jumping.
Looks like it was the ladies' turn to lead in the dance.

Another interesting angle on the rings.
No, we're not dwarves but the groom was 6'5".

A long kiss good night.

Anna & Chris,

We loved that you were so comfortable in front of the camera. It allowed us to really capture the emotions of your day. Thank you for sharing it with us. Have a wonderful and relaxing time on your honeymoon.

Emily & Curtis Snyder
Kismet Photography


Anonymous said...

You both did a great job photographing this wedding. It was special for all of us.

Thanks Again,

Tina Taylor

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful wedding, with a beautiful bride and groom!!!! We had a great time.

Allison Tart

Anonymous said...

My favorite is picture #432 - looks like it came right out of a magazine