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Monday, March 26, 2007

Kim & Chad's Wedding

Last Saturday Kim and Chad tied the knot at Mt. Pleasant Baptist Church in Traveler's Rest, SC. The day was made even more special because so many people came together to give them a wedding to remember. The entire congregation helped with food, decorations, coordinating and even Kim's beautiful up-do was a gift from the hair stylist! That's why we enjoy weddings so much. They bring out the best in people to celebrate love. Kim and Chad are truly blessed to have such wonderful people in both their family and church.

You gotta love natural light!

Apparently, being married almost four years is making us
think alike because we both got some neat reflection shots.

The guys and the 20 ft. cross.

I guess you could say it was a day of reflection for us.
(pun intended)

I just thought this was funny as I walked by.

The ring-bearer playing peek-a-boo during the ceremony.

The sanctuary was so big that we could move around
unnoticed and get great angles like this.

Note for future couples: Consider facing the audience as you light
the Unity candle. That way we can still get shots of it in churches
where moving around isn't an option.

Right before the kiss, Kim and Chad looked at the crowd in anticipation.
Their expressions during this joyous moment are priceless.

This shows the onslaught of bubbles and sugar hearts that guests
pelted them with as they left.
At one point Kim even screamed out, "It feels like rocks!"

Thank you Kim and Chad for giving us time to create beautiful images. And thanks to all the family, friends and members of the church for making this wedding a joy to be a part of.

Emily & Curtis Snyder
Kismet Photography

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