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Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Kelly & Andy's Engagement Portraits in Downtown Greer

These two kooky kids had the fun idea of donning formal wear and hitting a playground. And we just love it when couples think outside the box so we said "let's do it"! Of course we also love to give our couples plenty of variety so we hit downtown Greer for some casual fun before getting all dressed up.

Yeah, they're in love.

They also wanted to play around with bubbles...
But if they were to have a bubble battle, we thought it only fair to arm Kelly with the Bubble Blaster 5000 while Andy gets the "Safe for kids under 4" version!

Kelly was literally running circles around Andy's bubble-blowing abilities. To be fair to Andy, it's hard to look manly holding that tiny bottle and wand and trying to blow bubbles. I should know, I had to do it for a shot Emily took later!

Shot 1) Hey guys just give each other a sexy stare...

Shot 2) Alright now give us a smile or laugh...
Done and Done! (Well Andy is not necessarily smiling but his recount of a favorite photo of Kelly got her laughing at least)

Awesome shot we think. Now if only you could see me standing to the side looking like a giant doofus trying to blow the "perfect" string of bubbles while a bunch of little kids watch...and laugh. Ahh the things we do to get the shot.

Thanks to Kelly for braving the cold slide and practically hanging upside-down for this shot. We think it was worth it and so did they.

A little more playground sexiness. You'd never know there were like a million little kids running around screaming their heads off while we were there.

Of course we couldn't shoot at a playground and not have a little fun on the slides. Kudos to Kelly for sticking the landing even in heels!

Adults should swing more often. Emily and I try to do it at least three times a year.

Curtis & Emily
Kismet Photography

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