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Monday, March 22, 2010

Jamie & Scott's Wedding at Cliffs of Glassy & Sawmill...FINALLY!!!

The blog drought is officially over! It's not that we haven't had anything to blog about, we've just been so busy gearing up for another busy wedding season, creating a portrait website and a myriad of other things, that the blog has taken a backseat. That ends today as we roll out a monster blog from a fabulous wedding we shot recently.

This wedding was a long time coming. We met Jamie quite a while back at our first boudoir marathon, which she did for her man, Scott, who was at the time serving in the Army in Iraq. Fast forward to January 2009 and she calls us letting us know that they are planning a November wedding as Scott will be transitioning out by then after being overseas for over 14 months! We finally got to meet Scott at their engagement session and seeing them together was so dang cute you can't help but fall in love with them and their infectious playfulness.

So then come November, the day before their wedding, we were all pumped and excited to spend the next day photographing these two lovebirds tying the knot and then partying down to celebrate. Well, fate intervened, and the shootings that day at Ft. Hood, where Scott just happened to be stationed, caused the Army to recall him back to the base immediately and for an indefinite amount of time. Imagine, the day before your wedding, which you have been waiting for for well over a year and a half, and all of a sudden everything gets called off!

As anyone can imagine, they were devastated and the wedding plans had to be put on hold until the Army gave them some idea of when they could leave the base again. Eventually, the wedding was rescheduled for February 20th and of course we worked with them, as did many of their other vendors, to make it happen.

After all the waiting, months and months apart and the cancellation heartache/headache, February 20th came without incident and it was a gorgeous, sunny day, just perfect for their ceremony at Cliffs of Glassy chapel. They followed it with a reception at the Sawmill on North Main in downtown Greenville. These two are so sweet and loving, they obviously deserve each other and, after all they had been through, they certainly deserved to have a beautiful and fun-filled wedding day. As their photographers that spent the whole day with them, we can attest that they got just that! Check out some of the highlights below followed by the album we designed for them.

First up: Jamie's Bridal Portraits at the Lace House in Columbia, SC

Don't you just love Jamie's genuine smile? We do!

And we couldn't go the whole day without getting a few shots of Jamie & Scott's first furry child: Nani, aka super-cute fluffball.

Dahlia did an amazing job once again on the bouquets...

and decor.

Jamie & Scott's First Look was so sweet, we almost got emotional, especially knowing what all these two had been through to get to this day. Love the tear in Jamie's eye.

All natural light! Love it when it works with you.

We were shooting from another angle before this but a quick walk around the couple showed us a completely different angle and a nice tribute to Scott's time spent in the Army, risking his life in Iraq.

Jamie's dad is such a sweet guy and this is just one of the beautiful and touching moments they shared that day.

Jamie's parents are an inspiration because, even though they are divorced, they get along so well which only made their daughter's wedding day that much more fun and enjoyable for everyone.

Heck even her dad and step-dad get along enough to share a little dance! Gentlemen, we applaud you.

Love this shot of Blake, our good friend from Jumping Jukebox, gettin' down! He and his crew did a great job entertaining the guests and keeping the party going.

The men were really getting into serenading Jamie, including Scott's dad!

When Scott went in for the garter with his teeth, Jamie was a little surprised.

But Scott was undeterred!

Scott's little sister was so pumped to catch the bouquet, I don't think anyone else stood a chance. Nice killer instincts Katie!

Curtis & Emily
Kismet Photography

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