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Monday, February 08, 2010

Another wedding mill rips off brides & grooms. Don't let it happen to you!

We have heard so many stories of chain-like wedding photography mills that offer "cheap" packages and then farm out the actual photography to sometimes less than reputable or inexperienced photographers. Check out this news article in which the photographers were not the problem but the company itself. They just never delivered the photos and haven't been since 2005 but kept booking weddings and taking people's money up until recently. Now they've just closed up shop and anyone that booked their wedding with them is out of luck and probably out of their deposit/full balance (unless they sue for it) not to mention that now they need to scramble to find a photographer.

As wedding photographers ourselves, we hate to hear horror stories about other couple's bad photography experiences for their wedding. It's such a happy and momentous day in a couple's life, we wouldn't wish anything bad on anyone, especially when it comes to the photographs since they are usually the only tangible reminder of the day.

Reading this story got us thinking about how the economy may force more and more people to go bargain-hunting for their wedding photography and how that could result in more tragic stories like the one in the article. If you're considering a photographer or even a wedding mill that subcontracts the actual photographer, like the one in the article, then be sure to look at their experience and track record. Check references, do a google search to see if there are any complaints against the photographer or company (like this one), check the bridal boards like The Knot and ask for other bride's opinions (though take them with a grain of salt from what we hear). A new photographer just starting out may have great talent (we all have to start somewhere right?) but they may be lacking in the experience needed to handle all the possible situations that tend to come up on a wedding day. At the very least, ask to see an album or a set of images from an entire wedding day. Anyone can compile a sample album or website of their very best 20-30 shots but the proof of a wedding photographer's abilities is in how the images look throughout the entire day from any one wedding.

We don't want to read an article about you having to sue your photographer because they over-promised and under-delivered when it may have been avoided by doing a little research. Even if we are not the right photographers for your wedding day, we urge you to do your homework on whoever you are considering because you deserve to have beautiful photographs of this amazing time in your life.

Emily and I have been photographing weddings professionally for 7 years and have been in business as Kismet Photography serving the Upstate for almost 5 years. If you have any questions for us or want to know what other questions you should ask any photographer you are considering for your wedding, just email us: info@kismetphotography.us.

Have a Great Week,

Curtis & Emily Snyder
Kismet Photography


Zee said...

Thanks for posting this you guys! I found the information helpful and it brought up things I wouldn't necessarily have thought about, such as seeing an album of an entire wedding day not just shots. I love following your blog!

TJ Getz said...

good thoughts. way to educate the people. Saving money isn't always the best option, when reliability is in question. :)