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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Becky & Russell's Wedding

Wow the first post of the new year! Now that we are back from England, mostly settled into our new house and finally winding down from the busy holiday season, we are going to attempt to catch up on some blogging from several of our weddings and sessions we had last year. Easier said then done but here we go.

Becky and Russell had their beautiful Fall themed wedding back in November at Cleveland Park in Spartanburg, SC. The venue is beautiful on its own but with the amazing decor put together by Kaye Greene, of Just Weddings - Flowers by Kaye, and Kim Wehunt, planner extraordinaire from All in the Details, the place came alive with Fall colors and carved pumpkins. We were in detail heaven!

Here's some highlights of the day.

Becky's dress was absolutely gorgeous. It made her look like she was floating on a cloud.

The cute ringbearer trying desperately to coral one of the adorable flower girls who was picking up as many leaves as she was dropping!

This casual bridal party shot (along with another sweet shot of Becky and Russell together) can be seen in AVF Weddings' ad in the current issue of Weddings & Events with Style magazine. Coincidentally, our images from three different weddings made it into that issue. Go us!

And here are a few spreads from the happy couple's album.
The opening page.

Becky in her beautiful "cloud" dress working it like the actress/diva she is.

The lovely Fall details and the "Zombie Smash" story that kept her Dad from tearing up. Guess you had to be there to get that one.

See what we mean about detail heaven! Oh and can't forget delicious cake created by Kathy & Company.

And now for the romantic stuff after the reception.

Curtis & Emily
Kismet Photography

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