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Friday, September 07, 2007

kismetphotography.com Temporarily Down

We are having a world of fun with our web hosting company! As you may have noticed, our main site, kismetphotography.com, has been down since mid-Thursday and our email along with it. Our apologies for not getting back to you if you have contacted us in the last day or two but we have not been able to send or receive emails. Also, the images on this blog are hosted on our server so as you can see they are not showing up at the moment. We are working hard on getting this issue resolved but we must wait for the company to open at 6am PST.

Rest assured we will be seeking a new web hosting company immediately following this ordeal to ensure this does not happen again. Once again we apologize for the delay and we will answer all of your emails as soon as possible.

Curtis & Emily
Kismet Photography

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