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Monday, April 30, 2007

Katryna & Martin's Engagement Portraits

Saturday we had an awesome time with Katryna and Martin taking their engagement portraits at Falls Park in Greenville. The park was swamped! There was a wedding at the Wyche, prom couples everywhere and families enjoying the nice weather. Fortunately, we had some "out of the way" spots in mind so we could avoid the crowds until the people thinned out.

This neat little spot is tucked away from all the crowds and you
wouldn't even know their was a wedding reception 20 yards away.

Grrrrr Baby!

Sometimes crowds can make for an interesting shot.

Apparently, Martin is quite the dancer and Katryna did a great job
keeping up. Of course we looked like doofuses trying to give them a
few dance directions when we're not dancers in the least. We also
found out they're having Orange Krush play at their reception
(YEAH!) so they'll have plenty of opportunities to wow their
guests with their moves!

Emily & Curtis Snyder
Kismet Photography

1 comment:

Katryna & Martin said...

We love the pictures! We're both so excited to see the rest of them, and we appreciate your hard work so much! It was so much fun to work with you (despite the obstacles)! Thank you!