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Thursday, February 01, 2007

A portrait of us

Last month our friend Kathrine came to visit us all the way from Denmark. She is going to school for theatre costume design but is amazing at all things artistic. We have always known she was super talented but we were blown away when we received this "Kathrine original" in the mail yesterday.

We think it's an uncanny likeness. What do you think? She pretty much drew this from memory to give you an idea of how good she is. And in case you couldn't tell, we're towering over Table Rock Mountain (one of the reasons we moved here). We hiked it during her visit and she left us in the dust the whole time. I guess we need to get out from behind these computers and hike more!

Curtis & Emily Snyder
Kismet Photography

1 comment:

Shek said...

I knew it was the Table Rock Mountain...but I cant figure out who these people are in the sketch!